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Infowan Technologies Pvt Ltd an ISO 9001 2008 Certified Company is one of the fastest growing Software Development Company, based at Mumbai, India established in 1993. We have a clientele base in excess of 11000 which is proof enough of our success in handling our customers

Our business interests vary into a wide range of activities ranging from Desktop Software, Web Solutions, E-business Applications, IT Consultancy and Branding. Our portfolio of services has helped industry sectors like Textile, Gems, Jewellery, Hospitality, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Manufacturing, Security, Tourism, Plastic, Furniture, Logistics and Financial Institutions more...

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We develop well accepted Software in the market which value for Money, match client Requirement and User friendly

Payroll Software India

Gyanendra Kanojia

The only solution is "relationship marketing" - also known as client retention marketing or client service. This functions on the principle that if you can make your clients happy and provide them with legitimate value then they will become word-of-mouth (WOM) agents for your brand. This provides the mechanisms for new sales to be made without an upfront investment by the company

Priyanka Kanojia

Quality and price are proportional - as quality goes up the expectation is that the price will follow suit. As such, an increasing price automatically results in higher expectations of quality. It's always a difficult tightrope to walk but a little market research will usually provide the answers here

Prince Kanojia

The process of creating happy clients is another story all together and usually requires 5 activities to be completed by the company: 1.Provide a service that the client is looking for 2.Provide quality which is consistent with the price 3.Deliver services within the client's expectations 4.Deliver the amount of human interaction that the client desires 5.Ensure relationship is built on trust and honesty


INFOWAN TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD is one of the fastest growing Software Development Company, based at Mumbai, India established in 1993. We have a clientele base in excess of 11000 which is proof enough of our success in handling our customers.
We primarily develop applications which automates everyday workflow of a company or organization and makes life easier

Payroll HRMS Software

All your HR solutions in one place
Simplified Payroll HRMS Software
Employees real-time Collaboration
Payroll Outsourcing & HR Training
Biomatric Attendance Machine
Attendance with Location Tracking
Integratale with Attendance device
Easily manage your business anywhere, anytime

Attendance Management

Biometric Attendance Machine
Attendance & Leave Software
GPS Based Attendance for Outdoor Employees
Location Tracking of Sales Employees
Multi Shifts, Shift Rosters & Multi Holiday List
Late Coming, Earl Going, Overtime, Leave, Comp off
Various Attendance Reports and Attendance Dashboard
Bio-Metric Device (any model) Integration with Payroll

Sales ERP Software

Sales Leadg Generation
Sales Lead Management
Enquiry FollowUp Engine
Mfg & Trading Inventory
Accounts Management
Client AMC Tracking
After Sales Support
In-Build Email/SMS Tools
Roboti Contact details Search

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Payroll Outsource

We do processing of employees’ salary, generating all statutory and compliances reports, and managing transfer of salary to bank accounts of employees. All you have to do is to send payroll inputs of new joiners and resignees, along with details of variable payments like incentives, bonuses, etc. for existing employees. You can either send these payroll inputs in an excel sheet via email or upload the inputs directly in our InfowanHR - Payroll HRMS Software from your customer self-service login. After receiving the payroll inputs, InfowanHR will calculate salary of your employees and send all payroll, statutory, and compliance reports along with bank transfer statements.

HR Training

We conduct Corporate HR Traning. Training and development is a function of human resource management concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational settings. It has been known by several names, including "Human Resource Development", "Human Capital Development" and "Learning and Development". These definitions, of course, are viewed within the context of organizational learning rather than other contexts (e.g. personal) of training and development.

Email Marketing Solution...

• Add Sender Email Account
* Upload Email Ids
* Add Email Templates
* It will be parked to outbox
* It keeps on sending email robotically
* In every 3 to 4 minutes one email will be sent
• Due to low speed it returns better results
• It helps to avoid spamming and mass sending
• We do not support any kind of spamming and bulk emailing

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